Youth Engagement with Superstar Melissa McKinney 

🌈 Learn the secrets to engaging young people in your community with a conversation between Lori and the founder of Stages Music School and The One Voice Project, Melissa McKinney. 💫 

Public Art Mini-Series, Episode 4 

🗣️ Enjoy another conversation with Lori and Jeff Pierson, Director of the Office of Public Art for The City of Charleston. This discussion explores some fantastic examples of community-engaged art, using the versatile material polytab. The podcast mentions GoodSpace Murals…

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Public Art Mini-Series, Episode 3 

🔊Enjoy a in-depth discussion on how to go about creating public art, covering topics like RFPs, location selection, wall prep, ideas, easements, zoning, funding, sealing, maintenance, and more. 🎨

Public Art Mini-Series, Episode 2 

🎧 Hear insight and advice for artists and leaders about coming together to intigate public works of art from Jeff Pierson, Director of the Office of Public Art for the City of Charleston, WV. 🖌️

Public Art Mini-Series, Episode 1  

🎙️Hear a conversation with Lori and Jeff Pierson, the Director of the Office of Public Art for The City of Charleston, WV. Find out what the Office of Public Art is and how it came to be, and explore…

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Marking Traditions with Virtual Broadcasts 

In March 2020, when the world came crashing down, for a little while, all I wanted to do was hide under a rock. But Robert’s instincts immediately kicked in, and he was clear that we needed to continue each one…

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Creating Quality Video Performances

Whether you are streaming or pre-recording a performance to post, the following tips and guidelines can help you maximize the quality of the video. 


Creating your Stage & Framing your shot: 


Be mindful of your shot composition–think about…

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Hello! I am Lori McKinney, an artist and arts organizer based in Princeton, West Virginia- my hometown. As a kid growing up around here, I wanted nothing more than to leave and explore the world; I was looking for something…

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Starting an Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night is absolutely essential to a thriving creative scene. It is quite literally how Robert and I formed the foundation for all of our current work. It is the best way to bring out the creative people in…

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Establishing an Art Co-Op

There are several ways co-op's function, and I'm going to give you the details about ours: how it came together, how it functions (and doesn't) and why it works.   

THE SPACE: We had the distinct advantage of being gifted a…

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