Professional Mural Artists in WV

There are some amazing professional mural artists here in West Virginia where we are based, and I am listing several here that I have had the pleasure of working with or whose work I've encountered. If you are looking to create professional public art, you couldn’t go wrong with anyone on this list. Of course there are many, many others, and I will update this list as more come into my frame of awareness. If there is anyone you’d like me to add, please let me know. If you would like to know more or have a reference on any of these artists, please feel free to reach out!   

Tom Acosta   

(304) 955-9575 

More about Tom here.


Crystal Atwell 


Meet Crystal here. 





Ian Bode







Christopher Clark  




Rob Cleland   





Jessee Corlis 












Charly Jupiter Hamilton 


Patch Whisky 

Jeff Pierson  





Richard Shrewsberry














Rebecca Recco









Brian Pickens 

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