Hello! I am Lori McKinney, an artist and arts organizer based in Princeton, West Virginia- my hometown. As a kid growing up around here, I wanted nothing more than to leave and explore the world; I was looking for something…

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Starting an Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night is absolutely essential to a thriving creative scene. It is quite literally how Robert and I formed the foundation for all of our current work. It is the best way to bring out the creative people in…

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Establishing an Art Co-Op

There are several ways co-op's function, and I'm going to give you the details about ours: how it came together, how it functions (and doesn't) and why it works.   

THE SPACE: We had the distinct advantage of being gifted a…

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Creating Public Works of Art

Murals and other public works of art can bring a community together, beautify and draw attention to an area, spark conversation and create a source of pride for the people in the neighborhood. Creating the art is fun, engaging and…

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Professional Mural Artists in WV

There are some amazing professional mural artists here in West Virginia where we are based, and I am listing several here that I have had the pleasure of working with or whose work I've encountered. If you are looking to…

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How to Run a Civic Engagement Event

It's important that the community feel involved in what you are doing. Giving people the chance to come together, voice their opinions and get involved is important. Regularity is the key to this; I think it's important for the community…

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Assembling Your Team

Transforming a town is team work! We've all got to be willing to come together with a variety of partners to make projects happen, to affect policy and to raise the morale of the population. We've got to support each…

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Addressing the Naysayers

Somehow, there are naysayers out there everywhere we go. They may've had their inspiration and optimism stomped on by someone in their past and they can't allow anyone to succeed due to their own insecurities. They rain on your parade…

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